Parking Lot Workshop

Oct 9th

Yesterday morning, I overslept.

Yesterday morning, when I was running carpool, needing to vacuum the living room before I left, put bread in the oven to bring somewhere, and have my face painted on and be dressed in something halfway presentable…so I could attend a parenting workshop because boy do I need it… by 7:15 a.m…. I overslept.

I was silently, most unkind to myself before my feet ever hit the ground.

I fumbled around to make lunches, sipping coffee that was 90 minutes on the burner already. Eyes half open and in the light of the refrigerator looking for something my daughters would like, and hopefully, I trust, eat… I dreamed that it were hot lunch day. Some people dream of exotic vacations, I just dream it’s hot lunch day. I checked the calendar and promptly unpacked the lunches I had just half finished. Aha! I’m ahead of you Friday. We have Thursday hot lunch.

I pulled on sweats and wiped yesterdays eye makeup from my tired reflection. Gripping my coffee I headed to the car. I was so very frustrated with myself. I wanted to go to this parenting workshop. I wanted to hear what the speaker had to share tailored to moms of girls. I need it. I need encouragement right now. Some days I wonder which of us won’t be making it out of middle school, because there are many moments that I think it’s me.

I pulled through drop off line. My friend was up ahead of me and she pulled over. Assuming she was slowly merging into traffic, I waited behind but she motioned me over. We sat, engines running, windows down, talking car to car. friend to friend. mom to mom. and then, heart to heart.

I could have gone to the workshop. I intended to until the previous 2 hours had imploded, yet the Lord had fresh mercy for me.

No doubt He heard the conversation from myself to myself lacking in anything positive or uplifting while my head was still on the pillow, after I’d made eye contact with the clock.

No question, He knows the tears I’ve cried recently and the encouragement I so desperately was seeking. He knows how flat out depleted I am; so much so that I can not even get it together to get up on time.

Yet in spite of myself, He allowed my path to cross with another mom, who encouraged me so very specifically. We sat there, cars side by side for almost an hour.

I totally got ministered to in the campus parking lot yesterday morning. I pulled away to leave feeling ready to embrace the day with a good deal more resolve than the last. Tears brimmed my eyes, but they were rooted in motivation to love my girls well and better. They weren’t the ones speckled with the sadness & shear exhaustion that I drove in with.

I am reminded that even when I mess up and my life needs realignment…. when I miss a great opportunity… it’s not a one-shot deal. When He wants to speak to me, He will. He will make a way.

I know wonderful things were shared in the workshop. What I really needed yesterday, though, I got - in the parking lot, wearing my sweats & day old makeup while clutching my coffee mug- I got it through the words of a friend telling me things only the Lord knew I needed to hear. Praise Him. He is near & sees & knows.