All but the Kitchen Sink… Salad

Apr 6th

If my eyes do not deceive me, its been over 5 years since I posted a recipe on this site. I’m coming back swinging with something Brian and I had for dinner tonight. Finally – a salad that doesn’t leave us rummaging the refrigerator for a 2nd dinner meal by 8:15 in the evening… I call this the “Kitchen Sink Salad” … because literally, you might think we threw everything but the kitchen sink in it…

I was inspired when I saw this on pinterest a month or so ago… beautiful food photography always catches my eye and holds my attention. It looked amazing and I was very curious what it would be like. I do not have margin in my life right now for making homemade fries and blue cheese butter and all… perhaps those days will return to me, but for now I shortcut it and this is what we got.


And what we didn’t get? Hungry.

Here is my shortcut version of the gorgeous salad linked above:

Sweet potato waffle fries (from frozen, baked 1/2 hour and then cracked with salt & pepper) ($4)
Flank Steak, grilled and cut into bite size pieces ($15)
Hard boiled eggs (I like 3 eggs per salad, quartered or sixth’d)

Add these to:
mixed field greens ($3)
chopped tomatoes
chopped avocado ($1.50)
blue cheese crumbles
candied pecans or walnuts ($2)
chopped, fresh basil leaves

Toss with Newman’s Creamy Balsamic dressing…

Top to bottom, this meal takes 1/2 an hour prep to finish… put the fries in the oven, throw the steak on the grill, chop some veggies, basil & eggs and throw it all together while it waits expectantly for meat, potatoes & dressing to arrive…┬áIt was around $28 to feed my family of 4 very generously this evening. We could have easily fed 2 more adults and everyone been satisfied.

What I love so much about this salad is mixing different flavors in different bites… Steak & eggs. Sweet potatoes & blue cheese. Basil & eggs. Avocado and nuts. Blue cheese & nuts, tomato and basil … every bite is different with a bit of lettuce for crunch.