Ordinary, Extraordinary Days

Oct 16th

I predict I will be the lady with picture frames all over the walls and you won’t know what color they are painted because they are so well covered. I’m perfectly okay with that. I’m already well on my way…

Minus a traditional fall visit to Gentry’s Farm, today was an ordinary day. I got teary eyed tonight as I reflected on and looked through the images from my Saturday: I cleaned house a bit. Had coffee on the back porch. Read in my favorite chair. Spent time with my parents who are here visiting. Indulged in my favorite cheesecake. Played music loud with the windows down. Went to the local farmstand. Giggled uncontrollably with my daughters. Watched them rake up leaves and then jump in them. Rake again. Jump. Jump. Rake. Jump.

Today I had the best day with you, just doing life as we know it. I am blessed beyond measure.