Go’in on a trip in my favorite rocketship

Jul 13th

Something happens to me when I lose my wifi at home. I can’t explain it, but it is angering, and today especially as I was working from home in an attempt to avoid any[more] mishaps my kids might fall into while I tried to get some work done. *ahem*

Sadly, today I not only lost a wifi signal, but I nearly lost my mind, as I have what is affectionately known as “pre-menstrual syndrome”…

what? we’re all friends here

… the combination of which is enough to make my husband reply, “okay, I am on my way home right now to fix it” when called. “It” being the wifi, of course. Nothing fixes PMS.

Thanks Adam.

My kids behaved fantastically today which was a very gracious gift, all things considered, however they did not pick up the hundreds of little beads they pushed into the carpet. You know, the half inch long shag-like coffee-colored…

Hmm. I partially retract that statement, they DID pick up some, but then Tay popped the ziploc bag under her knee and the whole bottom blew out, along with a few hundred beads blowing a trail of rainbow colored glory behind. And even that wasn’t so bad, until instead of picking them up (again) they took fistfulls and threw them at each other.

And that is when I silently retreated to the laundry room, grabbed the vacuum and sucked every last one of those beads up out of my carpet while the girls stared on. Sorry Charlies.

at least I didn’t yell at them” I told B when he got home. As I sat on the couch, he got down on his knees leaned forward and gave me his sympathetic, undivided attention for 40 minutes. By far, the greatest [and only] gift since…  my birthday last month.

So I guess I don’t have to tell you I’m ready to get away for a few days. Oh, right, but the kids are coming with us. And their beads. Oi.

I’ve been packing for the fam today and since I only see a suitcase with my clothes in it once a year or so, maybe you can help me finish my list of stuff to bring?

Top 10 things to bring to the beach? Are there actually even 10? I doubt it.

10. shades
9. swimsuit & towel. And regular clothes too I guess.
8. sunscreen (Yes, I actually wear it now. Started last month.)
7. friends
6. books & mags
5. laptop, so I can work of course err, uhh, down & upload pics from my camera.
4. camera. duh.
3. tomatoes.

You can finish the list for me. I’ve considered giving up blogging regardless of the fact that I just bought an entire website devoted to myself, my stories and, as my dad once put it, “my feeeeelings about things”. But if y’all don’t start commenting, then, I don’t know … I was thinking I could get all vintagy and journal my life, like, with a pen and paper.

But that would give me a cramp in my hand.

So please just drop on down an inch or whatever and talk to me here on the blog. I’d hate to not hear from you when I know you love to talk as much as I do.

MmmHmm. Yes you do.