Christmas Tour 2009

Dec 14th

Oh, BooMama’s Christmas Tour of Homes was so much fun last year! I dare say I even made some virtual friends because of it! Well I thought I’d let it go this year, but sitting down tonight to look at everyone else’s beautiful decorations made me want to join in the fun too! Thanks for hosting, Nester!!

First, here’s just a bit of a behind the scenes look into Christmas at our home. It includes what used to be a frosted garland on the kids lil pink tree (not up this year. yet anyway.) …

… and here is said garland tangler – detangler – retangler with her finger stuck in a vintage tree topper. She crying here pretty hard and mad that I have the camera. I’m not nice like that.

::sigh:: we all survived. Although visions of broken shards of blue glass everywhere were in my head for quite a few frantic minutes. My newly-8-year-old is very level headed and suggested soap. It worked! She’s gonna change the world someday.

This is our first Christmas in our new house so decorating has taken more thought this year. Or, I could tell you none at all as I just strew it around wherever I felt like it!

Coming in the front door to the right is our den, or “kids office”. It was going to be our rockin reading room but that may have to wait a while. (If you’re wondering about that upside down chair, lets just say … hot pink silly putty meets new shag carpet via leg of chair combined with weight of child. And I haven’t had time to deal with the chair yet. Let’s not get my blood pressure on the rise.)

Watch this. I can snap my fingers and …

*poof* a guest room. -ish. The inflatable was about $20,900 cheaper than the 4th bedroom, so we went with that. My parents arrive in a couple days so I am getting the house ready! Then it will feel more like Christmas! (Plus our babysitter stayed here the other night).

This skinny tree has got 2 things going on with it (aside from the crooked issue). It is loaded up with ornaments from my husbands office trend-setting tree-decor-contest of 2008 … all red, silver & black. AND it is loaded up with ornaments from my childhood. I must say. I’ve had a box of childhood ornaments packed away for years and this year I used them and I had a cry fest unpacking them. Oh my word! The memories! I loved it. I’m glad I was alone so no one could see me cry over little rocking horses and sand dollars and the like. I really do love Christmas…

Our downstairs is kind of like a big circle. Here are our scarves (I know one IS enough, but … I don’t think I could ever have too many different ones. I think they are so fun!) Also, on my grandma’s piano is a sign that says Season of Thanks. I think it’s not just for Thanksgiving, but Christmas too. At our house, we are thankful for, as my daughter said at dinner tonight, “Christ the newborn King! Jesus.”

Behind there is the dining room where propped in the corner is my faaaavorite tree. It is full of kitchen-y themed ornaments, googly legged chickens & cows, gingerbread cookies that aren’t for eating and antique copper cookie cutters. I could sit at this table and eat and look at my tree all day. Except, that I can’t actually behave that way, or I’d have bigger problems.

That’s why today I decided to bake.

And that? Turned into a disaster. Which then prompted me to put on another pot of coffee and debate what exactly went wrong with these almond dessert cups I made? Why does it look my kids poked their fingers in the tops of these?

There were 24 of these at 2pm. That’s all I’m sayin. They might be ugly but that didn’t stop anyone at my house. Speaking of which, why is this little chikidee sneakin around the house past her bedtime? Mmm hmmm. Wanted more sweets! Strike a pose girlfriend, you’re in trouble!

While she’s standing there, that little tree in the china hutch was my grandma’s. It’s one of the things I most look forward to putting out each year.

This is our living room. The tree here is decorated in copper, brown, gold, purple & red. It should have another tote of ornaments on it but I totally forgot about them and didn’t want to rearrange everything. I’ll load it up again next year!

Our upstairs has gone begging for decorations. A few snowmen here & there and another 7′ tree awaiting lights and ornaments from the kids. But it feels good here. Feels like home. And even though, after just 5 months in our new place, we’re still figuring out what works how and where and what not … we’re home. And the rest will fall into place eventually.

I’ve admittedly had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. But I caught myself comparing aloud to my kids all the prep work and excitement for our daughters birthday party last month to that of Jesus’ own birthday – Christmas. Except that we celebrate all month long at our house! And we decorate extra… and I realized, as much as I love my kids and wanted to celebrate their special day, I wanted to celebrate Jesus more than ever before as well. Because just like my kids, every year I find myself more deeply in love with Jesus too. So, as Taylor Swift sings, “…Here’s to the Birthday Boy who saved our lives!”